About Us

Twin Star Industries (TSI) entered the odor elimination market in the spring of 1997. During the past seven years TSI has help many people and business solve their odor problems. From the family pet to the Fortune 500 company, Twin Star has helped at all levels with odor elimination needs.

Our responsibility doesn’t stop with the sale of the AtmosKlear Odor Eliminator. That’s the reason we put a toll free technical help number on each bottle. Customers in all 50 states, and several countries, are elated with the results they have achieved using AtmosKlear.

These thousands of customers have found that after having spent hundreds of dollars on products that didn’t do as promised, AtmosKlear is a very cost effective way to eliminate their problem. It is the wonderful product itself, AtmosKlear Odor Eliminator, and the superior customer service that has enabled us to be acclaimed as the best odor eliminator on the market.

With magazine, newspaper, Television and radio accolades, totaling in the hundreds, AtmosKlear Odor Eliminator has proven over and over again to be worthy of the compliments.

Thanks for visiting our web site. Review the site and learn more about AtmosKlear and us. If you have questions, we encourage you to e-mail us, or call. We not only promise great results, we back those promises up with our service and our guarantee. Again, thanks for visiting. Purchase some AtmosKlear now, and put your “Stinky” problems behind you.

Scott Androff