Odor Elimination: Frequently Asked Questions
Atmosklear® Questions and Answers
Is AtmosKlear Safe?
Yes. AtmosKlear is non-toxic, biodegeadable, and contains no harmful chemicals. It is safe for use around humans and pets.
Does AtmosKlear have an odor of its own?
No. AtmosKlear is completely odorless. It has no odor of its own.
How long does AtmosKlear last?
Once AtmosKlear has been used to eliminate an odor that odor will not return. AtmosKlear eliminates odors permanently, and they will not return unless the source of the problem is reintroduced.
Can I mix AtmosKlear with other cleaners?
Yes. You can mix AtmosKlear with things like laundry, mop water, carpet cleaning solution, and pet shampoo. AtmosKlear is the most versitile odor eliminator on the market today.
Is AtmosKlear Guaranteed?
Yes. A toll free, 1-800, help line is printed on every bottle. Don’t be shy about calling for help on those tough situations. We will work with you to be successful or your money will be returned.
AtmosKlear seems a bit more expensive than other products, why?
Don’t compare AtmosKlear with air fresheners. They just mask or cover up the offending odor with another more pleasant smell. They are less expensive, but have to be used over and over, thus in fact become more expensive than a true odor eliminator like AtmosKlear. AtmosKlear, with its permanent odor elimination is in fact more cost effective.
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