Large odor elimination projects require heavier applicators.

When large odor elimination projects are encountered small trigger bottles fail to provide a quick and easy application process. This lightweight, handheld fogger is ideal for the everyday user such as hotels, cruise lines, airlines, auto detailers and recreational vehicle user. Simply fill the solution container with the AtmosklearĀ® Odorless Odor Eliminator and plug into an electric outlet and let the system do the work for you.

This mini fogger is so easy to use you can even remove those embarrassing smoke and pet odors from your home within minutes making your home fresh and odor free for guests and dinner parties. Never be embarrassed again!

Real Estate agents have come to appreciate the ease of use and lightweight making presentations to clients so much more pleasing than entering a property with unpleasant odors.

Order your mini fogger today for a less offending home and guest space; your guests and customers will greatly appreciate the non-offensive encounter.

Price: $ 119.00