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“We had a chance to try Atmos-Klear on a variety of odors – Dog odors in a carpet, garbage cans, smoke-infested auto interior and smelly sneakers. Gone – The odors have disappeared.”
Yachting Magazine
July 1999

“Atmos-Klear is different. In fact, the first thing I noticed about this nontoxic, biodegradable formula is that it has absolutely no smell of its own. I rounded up a trio of suspect smells – a nasty head compartment, a fishy towel, and a smoker’s car. Atmos-Klear eliminated all signs of scent. Best of all, its residual effect has kept the odors from returning.”
Jeff Hemmel – Boating Magazine
July 1999

“This stuff does wonders for just about any odor problem you can think of … In a nutshell, this stuff is great. I have yet to find an odor that it can’t neutralize. To top it off. The formula is totally biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining.”
Terry Gifford – Houseboat Magazine
July 1999

“Atmos-Klear held the edge in cutting the strong smoke smell without the benefit of a masking scent.”
Ric Paul – Motor Trend
June 1999

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